About Us



Identifying and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you
Asking for and receiving guidance.
Reconnecting with your Self—with who you really are.
Channeling Light Language to open universal healing and well-being


Releasing fear-based thinking and feelings.
Divine experience into 5th dimensional level.
Activation of Blue Flame of Archangel Michael.
Healing and soul core alignment.



A practical experiences to learn how to be a Master of your life.
Activations of Language of the Light.
Practicing vocalization through toning and making sounds.
Unleash your potential through experiencing and expressing divine sounds.


Harmonic chimes- Healing & Chakra energy alignment.
he Bamboo Koshi Chimes, high frequency melody alignment.
Shaman drumming - an ancient form of rhythm healing.
Singing channeling light language – time traveling; connection with blue print


  • Identify and release life- limiting physical, emotional and mental patterns
  • Feel more energised, happier and uplifted
  • Find solution in carrier, relationship and health
  • Change your life for the better
About Yulia     

Yulia began her spiritual journey after travelling around the globe some 30 years ago, having felt a connection and deep longing for knowledge and self-development. Born in Ukraine, to shamanic ancestors from the northern region of Altai in Russia, a sacred place considered a gateway to Shambala. After years of development she has proven channelling abilities to serve as a transformational bridge between divine and psychical world.

She has 28 years of experience in multi-dimension healing and reading. Yulia has experience in organising a number of spiritual festivals and international marathons, and published in spiritual magazines. 

Yulia is an international light language practitioner, vibrational alignment coach, workshop facilitator and sound alchemist, who helps people shift into their most loving authentic selves. She does this using unique high frequency sounds, channelled light language, coaching and spiritual services.

 Yulia guides people to mastery in the shortest way and assist in freeing from manipulations of different circumstances in one's life path. Essentially providing a transformative experience at a core level of the consciousness.



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