The programs and how they've worked for others below


Delete Limiting Mental Blocks & Unlock Your Potential

Very often we get stuck in life, hitting our own “walls or ceilings”, thinking that “I will never be able to do that”. “I am not “enough”: good, smart, strong, 

confident, knowledgeable, etc. ” or “That's my destiny” and “That's all I can do”. Do you realize that you have what you have in life because of your mental blocks and limiting beliefs? They actually have shaped your reality and they restrict you from moving on, grow, experience and enjoy life, find new creative solutions and reveal your maximum potential. Re-program your programs, release your Self and unfold who you truly are.


Oxana has turned to me not having formulated clear request in mind. We ended up having two very productive counseling sessions mainly devoted to unfolding her potential in personal growth and relationship.


I had two sessions with Yulia and have to say it was very empowering. She brings strong positive energy and directs it into your areas of need. Yulia has ability to enable to increase the effectiveness of your own Spiritual Gifts. She communicates the goals to you in such a way that they voluntary and harmoniously work together. She can speak a language one has never learned that helps to open up your strength, clear understanding of situation you are in and helps to direct into successful solution. She helped me to clear my past that was holding me, and open the positive future. What a gift!!

Oksana Svidersky, Physical therapist, Clinical instructor, Public Health educator

in Canada and USA

Return to Happiness

Do you really think we were born to be stressed out, depressed, anxious... looking for all sorts of stimulants to keep up with life? Happiness and joy are our natural states... that we've lost. Happiness is indispensable to our deep core and when returned it permeates all levels of our being and areas of our life. Take this journey to your Source, find Easiness and Joy of being, and rediscover how life was meant to be.


"It's Amazing. I called Yulia in a state of helplessness when I didn't have any strength, energy or joy. I was having sleep problems, due to fatigue and overworking. It took Yulia just half an hour to get me out of this state. I am still overwhelmed and cannot understand how it is possible to transform somebody from a state of "everything sucks" to "everything is amazing" almost instantly. And of course, I now try to call Yulia at least once a week. I'd like to thank her for helping me eliminate such words as depression, chronic fatigue and bad mood from my daily life. Also I'd like to thank her for the fact that everything just falls into place in my life now, as things seem clear and logical. "                                                    

                                     Katerina Victorova     Press-secretary


"I cannot  thank you enough for Monday. The amount of clarity and peace I now have is phenomenal. I am so very grateful to have connected with you"

Helen Johnson

Life catcher , Brisbane QLD

Be Confident : Manifest Best Life/Relationship Scenario

Remember Romeo and Juliet story? Nobody needed to die as even when you think the odds are against you, you have a solution. You should not easily give up your power and ruin your life believing that circumstances are more powerful than you. Learn how to deal with complex relationship issues and find your way to manifest the optimal, best possible life scenario.


Following Yulia Cornucopia advice I am feeling more joy filled and harmonious in my family. What a blessing you have been this month. Anyone who needs a tune up in energy I can't recommend her highly enough”                                       

Kate Osborne, Owner at “Leisure Seekers” 

Gold Coast,QLD

Balance Your Emotions

Do you feel the victim of your emotions? Are they controlling you? Emotions are a vital part of our nature but they shouldn't make us dis-functional and create all sorts of relationship problems. Get out of your drama, get confidence and control back into your life, let them serve not destroy you, even if you consider yourself to be a very sensitive and emotional person.


When I was referred to Yulia I didn't quite know what to expect. What I found was a person who very caringly explained her energy healing, helped me firstly to relax and then proceeded to do the healing. I must be a bit of a tough one because we had 2 sessions to get the full feeling of peace from a point of anxiety. Now I do have a great feeling of being watched over which gives me greater courage to move forward in my life. Thank you, Yulia”

Janie Walker, Co-Author & Mentor


Rediscover The Power of Leadership

Having problems with managing your team? Leadership is the expression of your personal psyche power combined with the knowledge about how to relate to other people. Coaching sessions will help you to gain this power and understanding, build a strong and healthy team spirit and comfortable working atmosphere for yourself and everyone.

Case of Irina Lyamina

Irina Lyamina is a Manager in one of the big insurance companies in Moscow, Russia. She turned to me for coaching to help her with upcoming annual budget presentation to the company Top Management. It was a challenging task as General Director is a strong and uneasy personality who usually would cut the budgets. She also was afraid that this year they may go through personnel downsizing as well. Irina has not only gained confidence in defending her budget and her team – budget was successfully defended and even raised, all team stayed, - she also re-discovered her public speaking and leadership skills, consolidating the team effort by improving the team spirit.

Testimonial :

“I address this to everyone facing problems in their lives: WHEN ONE IS READY, GOD SENDS HIM A TEACHER. If you met Yulia, God has sent you the Teacher. Do not miss this unique chance to receive her knowledge to help yourself and do not forget to thank your Spiritual Guides.,

Last year of 2013 was full of psycho emotional turmoil. As a result, I ended up with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and lot's of anxiety. Meeting Yulia was like a snow in summer. The events which followed my sessions with Yulia returned my confidence in dealing with clients, partners and colleagues. Just a few recommended by her practices helped me to re-discover the public speaking and leadership skills, which allowed me to build a strong team. I also made a difficult decision to change my working place and I am currently manifesting it according to my plan. And, what is also important, I am learning to love myself again...step-by-step... I think, I will turn to Yulia again for more insights and advice. I am happy to express all this gratitude to Yulia that has been building up in my soul.”

Irina  Lyamina

General Manager  Insurance company, Russia

Recruitment Advice: Psyche Screening of Potential Candidates

Are you in charge of making decisions about hiring future company leaders? CEO? CFO? Or may be Marketing Manager who will have to deal with 8 or more digits company advertising budgets? And apparently the compensation package for this position is also quite a big number and you need someone honest, experienced, who will fit into the team and stay for long, being able to handle all the stress  and take your company to the next level financial heights? As a Psyche Reader I can give you full personal profile of strength and weaknesses of the potential candidate, foreseeing the future success or failure and thus, helping you to minimize your risks and make confident decisions. 


Energy Cleansing of Premises - Return Peace, Health & Prosperity to Your Home/Office

You have just moved in to a new place to live and you can't sleep... Children are naughty, capricious and sick all the time... You constantly argue about nothing with your partner? Or experience any other anomalies? Who knows who have lived there before you, what energetic pollution you have inherited? Or what spirits were left there? Let your home be shining clean, atmosphere and people be healthy and prosper. This program may equally work for office environment.


«Before us, my house belonged to a very unusual lady, which favored the company of paranormal friends. They revealed themselves in different ways: showed up at nights as blurred silhouettes and piled on people sleeping in the house, so that under their weight they could not wake up. The guests of the house were also subject to these night attacks.  We made big repairs, leaving only the house frame. Many people were involved and I hoped that the number of people working would have changed the house energies for the better. But it was futile, invisible inhabitants didn’t leave.

I was afraid to stay inside alone even during light day, looking around every moment as I felt something behind my back. Nobody could encourage me to move around the house in the dark at night, even electricity did not help. My kids and grandson could not sleep in that lady’s bedroom. We were great friends with her, but her “entourage”didn’t leave us alone.

Yulia has changed it in two sessions! I am exceptionally thankful to her as I didn’t have to return to thoughts of house sale. On the next day after house cleansing I could quietly sleep in that very bedroom for the first time. Now my house is truly my fortress. Neither darkness nor noises bother me any longer. The house is calm and peaceful.

Thank you, Yulia, for saving my house and for the very important words from that lady that you passed to me during one of later sessions. It healed my soul and returned the balance missed so much. Thank you!»

Lyubov, house owner, Sydney