Spiritual Healing


Personal Higher Mind Sessions /Happiness Master Class

 Spiritual Healing / Reading

In my personal sessions where I channel the higher self-consciousness for you, you will receive a personal guidance, knowledge and profound insight from the higher mind, that's unlike anything you have experienced before!

The session would be helpful if you need to see the bigger picture for things happening in your life, relationship, and career; when you want to know more about yourself and your life purpose; when you want to find what's standing in the way of your happiness. 
Light language Healing Sessions to clear blockages preventing you from living your most authentic life.
It Will Be a Holistic Approach And Inspiring Experience and that usually starts from your main issue but expands and positively affects all areas if your life...To start with you may choose from already proven programs/packages: 





  • Return to Happiness
  • Balance Your Emotions
  • Learn Your Diet: What Food Makes You Ill or Healthy (your individual nutrition advice based on food screening/reading)
  • Delete Limiting Mental Blocks & Unlock Your Potential
  • Be Confident : Manifest Best Life/Relationship Scenario
  • Rediscover The Power of Leadership
  • Recruitment Advice: Psychic Screening of Potential Candidates
  • Space-Clearing : Return Peace, Health & Prosperity to Your Home/Office, Cleansing of Premises of Negative Energy     
  • House whisperer consulting 
  • Receive & Activate Master's Knowledge
  • Recode Your DNA & Re-tune To Divine Blueprint
  • Activate Your Christ Consciousness
  • Activate Your Light Body & Reconnect With Your Higher Self , Entering 5D


...Or simply contact me, briefly stating your problem .

I honour your life and journey impeccably and use all my knowledge and tools arsenal to hold your higest regards in all that I do to assist to find Your Unique Solution

Learn more about the programs and how they've worked  for others below:

How does it work?
You don’t have to actually do anything during the session. It’s best to find a quiet place in your house, 
turn your phone off and sit or lie down in a comfortable place. It’s important that your legs and arms
are not crossed, so that the energy can flow freely. It feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. The energy can treat the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

While on Skype or the phone, after a brief chat and intuitive consult, you will relax and receive light language session. Using my voice and light frequencies (drumming, chanting, intoning, and light language) I travel trans-dimensionally to release souls, heal past life trauma, and bring soul fragments home for integration and healing.

I’ll channel the energies your way and the Intelligence of the energy finds a way to you, wherever you 
may be in the world. Whether I am there with you or you are on the other side of the globe, we are all
connected on a subjective level of mind, and the energy doesn’t know of any boundaries, it operates regardless of time and space.


For your session, it is recommended to have topics and questions prepared prior to your scheduled appointment.

After each session:
Drink a lot of water, relax and take a nice long shower. If you regularly consume alcohol be aware that sometimes you may get a little sensitive and thus be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. Also, if you are a diabetic or are on any kind of medications, you should be attentive and get plenty of rest. In as little as a few hours you can start to feel better and may need to reduce medications. Take responsibility for your own well-being if you start to experience changes let your doctor know about it so that they can adjust or reduce your dosage based on your new and improves state.
How to book?
To have a healing session simply phone +61 421813533 or get in touch via our contact page . Please provide me with some information about yourself and with any questions that you might have via e-mail at
Please remember if possible please advise your medical practitioner you have had a healing session. Also if you are unsure about your health it is your personal responsibility to see a Medical or Health Care Professional.
Remember, by getting in contact with me and embarking on this journey, you are making a conscious descision to improve your health and create balance in your life. Restore beauty to your life and peace to your world. Learn to love yourself, and let go of any negativity holding you back!