LIGHT LANGUAGE              
A universal language that communicates from and with your hart and soul. Also called the Language of the Ancients. It is Light coded with information to reawaken your DNA and the dormant aspects of your Divine Blueprint. 
Light in this context refers to the Light of God which is His/Her primal creative Energy or Essence.  God extended this into the creation of life and matter through the Power of intention or thought.  Creation continued through the vibrational energy of sound.  We know this from the Bible which states that "in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was God."  From this, life, matter and form came into being - even our scientists state that all matter is vibration, including us!  This is God's original Language of Light.   Therefore all creation being part of the Oneness and Mind of God contains some aspects of this Limitless Light.  As sons/daughters of God we too have limitless creative ability by using a similar process of thought or intention, attention, and sound to bring whatever we require or desire into manifestation, made much easier by using the remnants of the stepped-down Language of Light available on earth.
From the Divine Energy or Essence of the Limitless Light, God created the lower light of the sun.  Although extremely powerful and necessary to us it’s nevertheless a stepped-down vibrational frequency of the Light of God.  Similarly with the physical Language of Light here on earth.  It too is extremely powerful and just as the sun sheds light in the darkness, so the vibrational frequency of the Light Language can transform the dark or lower energies of thought and emotion that we’ve created or accepted in any life experience.   So what forms does this earthly Language of Light take and what else can it do for us?
To answer the last question first ........ regularly using the Language of Light with right intention accelerates our spiritual growth and self-mastery in many ways.  Firstly, because of the Divine resonance and energy codings it carries, it helps to open our mind by activating our psychological, neurological and biochemical levels of higher thought attunement.  This is necessary for us to eventually make conscious connection with the Mind of God through our Higher Self / I AM Presence, one of our main spiritual goals as Light Servers.  The Language of Light also helps us to connect with the "still small voice" within which gives us reliable guidance on real day-to-day decisions. 
And most importantly, its regular use enables us to activate our inner Light Body and reprogramme our own DNA-RNA so the original God-Code becomes activated.  Absolutely no-one else nor anything outside of ourselves can do this for us. Not any aspect of our spiritual growth, self-mastery or enlightenment can be done for us or to us. Throughout the millennia this essential truth has been given to humanity by every Avatar and Master. 
The Ascension is happening right NOW. Every day more and more Light from the centre of the Galaxy is flowing through our Universe. Pushing out the denser aspects of you and activating the memories of who we truly Are....
The more light your body can hold the more of your total Being can incarnate into the Now. 
This is what The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by James J. Hurtak says about Light Language
1. Instant communication with the Infinite Mind using ideographic and pictographic cybernetics. It is used by "Elohim" in conjunction with the Nartoomid "Eternal Light" to create primordial aeons and "Mansion world regions" of growth. It is the parent language of a Deity used in an overall plan or design to outline a procedure,to code knowledge into crystal, etc.
2. The Language of Light as a vehicle enables the Lords of Light to reach many planetary worlds and reality levels simultaneously and fuse the different languages into the same scenario abstract. This allows man to have communion with other planets of intelligence through super-holographic processes.
3. As God's word. The knowledge of this language comes from a core memory of information being shared by the higher spiritual levels of existence. It allows man to read the "records of the mysteries" in the higher heavens
Delphia AnRa