Sound Bath Healing


Sound Bath Healing


Are you aware we are vibrational beings?”  Vibrational alignment is the foundational recipe for everything you     desire!  Come along to one of my Sound Bath Healing sessions and you will experience the powerful sounds -          with the ultimate aim to help you relax and let go of tension and find the peaceful, restful state that exists within you.

The Session

This is a one-hour transformational healing journey to the deepest part within you.  Starts from discussion around what is going on in your life emotionally and mentally. An energy chakra scan to identify any imbalances you have in your aura/chakra system. The session will include energy clearing, chakra balancing.


What does a session involve?

·         Harmonic Healing using chakra energy alignment chimes

·         The Bamboo Koshi Chimes Melody – this is the crystalline sound will leave you deeply relaxed in quiet wonder as your cells dance and sing at their high frequency.

·         Shaman drumming - an ancient form of rhythm healing.

·         Channelling light language singing – time traveling; connection with your blueprint


 Sound Bath Healing can help you:

·         Release stress, anxiety and unwanted thoughts

·         Feel more energised, happier and uplifted

·         Chakra balancing and release of energy blockages

·         Identify and release life- limiting physical, emotional and mental patterns

·         Change your life for the better

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Sound Bath Session
45 minutes personal sound bath session… being immersed in beautiful sounds that are healing to yo..
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